Where Are The House Updates You Ask?

 You know it is all well and good for you guys to be clammering for the “After” pictures of my house renovations but that is because YOU DON’T KNOW MY LIFE!!

Yes- we are moved out of our apartment (though still paying rent because I broke my lease) and we are definitely ‘IN’ our new house but to say we are unpacked and settled in would be a gross over statement of the facts.  We are mostly unpacked and we are somewhat settled in but it isn’t quite home yet.  

For example:   You may or may not have caught on to the fact that this is the house I grew up in until I was 19 years old when I ran screaming into the arms of anyone who would have me got married and moved out.   My sister and I were going to sell it and retire on the millions of dollars we would gross after taxes, but at the very last minute I decided to buy her out and keep it.  (Jokes on her– she did not get millions and millions of dollars.  Turns out she believed me when I told her that trading it for some magic beans was a better deal).  And so I began to renovate— aka make it feel like my parents are haunting me here because I thought about painting the fireplace.  I JUST THOUGHT ABOUT IT!  I DIDN’T ACTUALLY DO IT!   

I do occasionally expect things to be where they have been all my life like the tiny trash can that my mom had in this cupboard next to the sink.  But now there is a….. a…… DISHWASHER there!  WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU PUT A DISHWASHER THERE????  What is wrong with the hands God gave you?  When did you get all uppity and need a DishWashing Machine????

So right now there is a section of the patio filled with “THINGS I DON’T WANT TO KEEP BUT HATE HAVING YARD SALES SO WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH IT”?  There are a few boxes of things that I need to put together if I can figure out where my SUPER DUPER POWER SCREWDRIVER THINGIE went.

I am missing what I can only assume to be one box filled with things from my kitchen:  dry erase board with pens, fridge magnets, can opener, a really big bottle of FireBall and my hamster.   The disappearance of these items is kind of driving me crazy because it just doesn’t seem to be around here and I don’t know what else could have happened to it (coughalienabductioncough)

I am feeling very proud of myself tonight.  I also feel like my son is going to give me a hard time for not just handling this project on my own before asking him to do it.  Frankly, everyone who knows me that any project requiring screws usually ends up being put together with hot glue.  Which is a perfectly good substitute most of the time.  But tonight I decided to try to tackle the new cat tree.  For the second time.  I actually unpacked it a week ago but put it back in the box when I realized that it had screws.  And a very vague set of instructions in German.  But tonight I felt lucky so I gave it a shot and TAH DAH!!!   I actually put it together.

Of course Parker immediately claimed it for himself.   Note that he is storing a basketball in the hidey hole for the cats.  He also had stashed some goldfish crackers in there

cat tree 1

I told him that if he were going to play with the cat tree he had to bat at the little hanging ball and meow

cat tree 2

Which, of course he did……

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