What Kind Of Paint Person Are You?

There is a part of me that really wants to be a “Color Paint Person”, that is to say that I wish I liked painting my living spaces with POPS of color.  I wish I did;  but I don’t.  I am a “Neutral Paint Person”.  That isn’t because I am BORING and UNIMAGINATIVE…. it is because I like to keep my options open.  I like to change things up.  I like that I can re-decorate off in any direction I choose without having to re-paint or try to fit in with the Neon Pink walls.   I conceed that is not the trendy way to be and that most of the people around me are “Color Paint People”  but I have finally accepted that I am now and possibly forever will be “Neutral”

I tried.  Oh yes my children, I have tried.  I spend a whole lot of time in Lowes looking at paint samples. I moved them to other parts of the section to hold them up to different lights and different backgrounds.  I took home about 100 sample chips.  I even bought several quarts of different colors and painted small sections of the walls in my new house.  But no matter how hard I tried…. it came to the inevitable conclusion that my house is mainly going to be painted gray inside.  I mean, gray IS a color you know!     Parkers room will have a mural.  Lauren’s room has a bright pink accent wall.  But my room:  Gray.  The bathrooms:  Gray.  The Living room and office and hallway and foyers?  Gray.

What finally made me solve The Great Colored Paint Dilemma of 2015?


One of the paint colors I liked at Lowes was a kind of light tealish seafoam bluish color called  Splashy Seafoam Sparkle.  In the store it looked perfect.  I put some up in the kitchen where I wanted to use it for an accent wall and it was perfect.  I painted some in the dining room area and it was hideous.  It looked like neon blue.  I opened the window thinking it would look different in natural light and it did: more hideous.  Did some prankster switch out my paint?  Was there some sort of conspiracy to sabotage my resolve to become a “Color Paint Person” plan?  What the heck???   The contractors and my new neighbors just happened to be there to weigh in and the consensus was “Yuck”  Or in the words of Jimmy Fallon “EW”.  

This brings me to a Very Important Home Renovation Tip:  Always get a sample of the paint color you think you want to use and paint the wall inside the house where it is going to go.   Lighting is everything.  The kind of lighting that will be used in that room (natural, fluorescent, light bluby whatever normal light bulbs are) makes a huge difference in how that paint is going to look.  I am SO GLAD I did this because I would have hated that color in my dining room!  We tried another color and it was just too dark.  So I decided I should go back to Lowes and try again.  There I am standing before the plethora of a million different colors and shades and debating my options.  Holding up samples to white, to gray, to other colors.  Finally I choose a new color and have a sample made up to take home.  This one would be “IT”  It was a little more to the gray and the blue— a little less green.  Less bright.  It would be perfect.

 (Pause for effect)  


(insert scary music here)

Which just makes me want to    Bang      My      Head     On     The    Wall   (Bang  Bang  Bang)

So I sat with myself and said  “It is OKAY if you are not a Color Paint Person.  You need to be true to yourself and embrace the Neutral Design Aesthetic.   Because You are Good Enough You Are Strong Enough and Dog Gone It, People Like You!!

So, looks like the dining room is going to be a nice gray.

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2 Comments on “What Kind Of Paint Person Are You?

  1. If I had the money to pay someone to do it, I’d have color everywhere!!!!!!

  2. I like color, I am too chicken to put it up. We did a teenagers bedroom once though with one wall red, one orange and one yellow and one remained it’s original lavender. Loved it! She did too. Would I do it in the kitchen? Hmmm, not likely. I’m a chicken!

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