Utah Haiku

 Hello Friends:

Here is a quick update on my life:  Still unemployed.  Blah  Let’s talk about that later.

Meanwhile, it IS Tuesday which means a Haiku is in order.   Yesterday I returned from Utah.  Hence my topic.    Let us begin.

Family Wedding

We All Travel To Utah

To Cedar City


Utah Streets Are Weird

The Addresses Have No Name

Just Two Compass Points


Google Maps Says “NO”

Find Street That Does Not Exist

For Destination


And So I Get Lost

But I Get To See More Sites

And Cows, Sheep, Horses



Then We Have This Mess

A Scary Intersection

They Want Me To Die


There Is A Lighthouse

In The Middle Of The Town

Near Intersection


Why Is That Thing There?

I Ask Many Utah Peeps

No One Seems To Know

Have They Not Seen This?

And Wondered Why It Is There?

Hello?  Utah Peeps?? 


Wedding: Beautiful

Blessings To The Bride & Groom

(More On That Later)


Another Wedding

We Will Be Back In THREE WEEKS!

A New Bride & Groom! 


Cedar Is Pretty

And The People Are Friendly

The Birds- Not So Much! 





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3 Comments on “Utah Haiku

  1. And I REALLY want to know whats up with that lighthouse??Did a giant tsunami wash it there? Was the lighthouse transported there by aliens? Did Utah used to be on the coast and a giant earthquake made the seafloor rise and then we had new states, landlocking Utah forever?

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