Touristing In Washington DC Area

After a few days in New York City we took the Amtrak to the Washington DC area.  We wanted to get to see what water and green trees look like.  It was beautiful.  Our cousin Becky and her family picked us up and drove us all around the area for a few days.  Yay Becky!!!  Of course the highlight was finally getting to go out to Jimmy’s and have their famous nachos.    The next morning we went to Arlington Cemetary to see the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the changing of the guard.  This is a truly moving and beautiful ceremony.  Click Here For Information On The Changing Of The Guard  

After that we drove around in the area and saw the Captiol Building, The Pentagon, The Washington Monument and other famous places.  Becky dropped us off so we could go up to see the Lincoln Memorial.

The next day Cathy, one off my all time Besties, picked us up at the crack of dawn and we headed over to her house where I finally got to meet her youngest two kids who have arrived in the years since I have seen her.  Their family is in the process of moving into a teeeeny teeensie little house in the suburbs with her parents.  Kids these days….. Always ending up back at home again. 

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