Touristing in New York City

I hope you won’t get bored hearing about my vacation.  I know I always find my life infinitly facinating so I assume the same holds true for you.

The first day out we went to see the Statue of Liberty.  Up until we actually saw it I didn’t really feel like I was in New York City– It really just felt like Downtown Los Angeles.  This is a really odd feeling– that we flew 6 hours on a plane to end up in downtown LA. 

Once we saw Miss Liberty, everything changed!  She is smaller than I expected but so astonishing.  Hearing about how she was created is just amazing!  We also got a great view of the New York City skyline from the island.  After that we hopped on the ferry (and by ‘hopped’ I mean waited in line for an hour until the crowd carried us along onto the ferry.  Note:  if you have a phobia about people being in your personal space do not go to New York)

In the interest of having a well rounded New York City experience I was trying to trip over every possible obstacle.  I think I did a really good job of finding most of them.  I took a representative picture.  My sister also had a big trip at the Lincoln Memorial, grabbing me on the way down and making me think “Oh Great, now I am being mugged”.  It was the most action I have seen in 18 years.

Later that night we went to see “Mamma Mia” on Broadway which was awesome.  That is a really fun musical and we sung along, of course.  We walked back to our hotel afterwards so we could see Times Square all lit up.  It is like Las Vegas:  boring and lack luster during the day but an amazing site at night.  The New Years Eve ball is way up top of the Toshiba tower.   One of the most shocking sites were all these women who were basically only wearing body paint walking around having people take pictures with them.  There are all these people dressed up like cartoon characters and people pay to take pictures with them.  I am flabbergasted by this. And by flabbergasted I mean it is one of the dumbest things I have ever seen.   But the next day at the New York City Public Library I saw something even more flabbergasting.  Even more.  Can you believe it?

First there is a picture of Monica standing by the subway sign.   Sometimes I wondered why people assumed we were tourists— then I see this picture and I know why.  We pretty much broadcast our naivete all the time.  The subway was a trip.  (HAHAHA  Get it?  A Trip!)  At first we figured we would take taxis but they are much harder to get than you would imagine so I told Monica to pull up her big girl panties cuz we were riding the rails!  (she was a little scared)(apparently you never out grow being the little sister even when you are 50).  We got to be real pros at the subway system with the help of some phone apps and only had to get off and switch directions a few times (and by ‘few times’ I mean about a third of the time.  Maybe half)

So we had tickets for the Hop On Hop Off bus which is exactly what it sounds like.  And we got good seats up top so we could see all the sights.  This proved to be a really good thing because we could never manage to have gotten around enough to see everything other wise.  So the Library is very beautiful.  I didn’t get a great picture of it because there were another group of body painted people out front.  But even worse— these people had my body shape.  Yikes.  EW!

We saw lots of other landmarks including the building where the “Friends” friends lived which was super exciting for Monica since she LOVES that show.   She was crushed to find out that Central Perk is not a real place.    We did all sing ‘Smelly Cat’.  Really.  And we saw the Wall Street Bull.  Legend has it that if you rub it’s….. um….. well…..   nether regions you will have good financial luck.  As luck would have it, we caught this young man in the act.   Note:  I did not say it was Good Luck.   He didn’t even buy it dinner first!   The last picture is the Empire State Building.  We looked up at it.  We thought about going up in it.   It is really HIGH UP THERE!  So we went and got some candy instead.

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  1. I was also surprised on how small the Statue of Liberty was, compared to how large she looks in movies, pictures etc…
    Looks like you had a great time…..

  2. How did you manager to trip over a vent in a concrete and asphalt ceiling?

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