The Room Formerly Known as ‘The Den’

I started to tell you above my decision to renovate my parents’ house and move into that from my fabulously underwhelming townhouse. And the project is now in full swing!   

Here are my general plans for the house.  This house was built in 1958 and this is the house I grew up in from 6 years old until I   escaped  got the heck out of my parent’s house   got married and moved out at 19 years old.  This has been the family homestead since 1968.  Yeah Yeah do the math— we all know I am an old fart.

Anyhow….. there hasn’t been a whole heck of a lot of modernizing the place.  This fact, added to the general creepy feeling that my dad was going to come wandering in at any moment because it felt like “Their House”, made me decide that if I were going to live there it needed some serious renovations.  Luckily for me the house itself is in great shape so the renovations are all aesthetic.  (Just fer show).   Everything is getting a fresh paint job.  All the flooring will be replaced.  There will be a dishwasher installed in the kitchen (that is this machine that does the dishes FOR YOU) and new granite countertops (UGLY FORMICA BE GONE WITH YE!!)  There will be a new pedestal sink in the bathroom and a new mirrored medicine cabinet.  There will be new light fixtures etc etc etc…

The first thing up was working on The Room Formerly Known As The Den.  This is the garage and my father had converted it into a room when we were kids.  At first the floor had royal blue and gold indoor/outdoor floor squares as a nod to the school I was attending, Parkview Jr High  GO LANCERS!  And it had a pool table and a bitchin stereo system and this is where all the Cool Kids   The Neighborhood Hoodlums  Our Dorky Friends  hung out.    It was also the site of the Infamous LeAnn Graduation party (the highlight of which was the man who would become my husband, father of my children and eventually ex-husband streaking down the middle of the street).  For you youngins  ‘streak’ means he ran buck nekkid down the street.  Without any clothes on.  And stone cold sober.  I know, right?

Anyhow…… the den.   The new incarnation of The Party Den will be Toddler Central aka Parker’s room.


Den Before 2

The Before Pictures: Dark creepy paneling and waaaay past it’s prime yellow carpet


In Progress: RIP dark creepy paneling. Hello Drywall!!









Eventually this room will have new carpet and the longest wall with have a mural.  It will have a playroom vibe and Parker’s Big Boy Bed!  

Stay Tuned for more GLHITV (GeeezLoueez Home Improvement TV)

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4 Comments on “The Room Formerly Known as ‘The Den’

  1. I remember that room. It’s where I overstayed my welcome and faced the wrath of Mom.

  2. I don’t believe you ever over stayed your welcome!!

  3. RIP former party room, sleepover room, fun giggling room, keeper of secrets room and scary—-the creepy horny neighbor may be watching us and planning to kill us room. However………….hello to a new life room full of young energy again and many more secrets and adventures! (I went and saw it today…………..I have never seen the blue and gold squares before…………really stylin’ mom and dad Rittel…………what the hell were they thinking!!!!!????? So glad the house is staying in the family………..with a new chapter and new look.

    Love you always LeAnn!

    • Good times…
      Glad you got to see it in real life because pictures just do not do it justice. I am pretty sure you did see it that way but must have blocked it out!!!
      It is amazing how many people— including the guy who will be laying the new carpet– think I should keep it! It gives me a headache!!!
      Love you!!

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