The Ravioli War

The story goes that Parker actually asked for the ravioli at the store.  I have my doubts.  To begin with, my daughter had him over in the baby food section and was making suggestions about what he might like.  I know she has actually met this kid so I don’t know why she thought he would actually eat these, but hope springs eternal.

I am not gonna lie– we are not the picture perfect family with picture perfect kids.  I tried very hard with my own kids to be the perfect mom and my life still fell apart and I ended up a single mom with all the usual struggles.   This time around, I am not even trying to look perfect.  I hope this encourages some of you out there who never feel like they quite get out of survival mode.  I try to laugh.   The alternative doesn’t work so well.

Back to what I like to call The Great Ravioli War of 2015

Lauren warmed up his ravioli that HE WANTED and put him in his booster seat.  He ate two little ravioli (about the size of a postage stamp each) and then he decided that he was done and he wanted some cookies.  Of course his mommy made it clear that he was not in charge and cookies were not an option.  Parker begged to differ.  This went back and forth for awhile.


Suddenly I was transported to The Great Onion War of 1964.  My parents— being the MEANEST PARENTS EVER CREATED– forced me to eat spaghetti with bits of onion in it


After trying in vain to pick out the bastard onions and eating around them the battle ensued.  I don’t remember the opening shots fired.  But I do remember my dad putting my spaghetti in the dog dish and making me eat it.  I was two years old.  It is my first clear memory.

Now, my family is all very sick and tired of hearing about the YOUR GRANDFATHER MADE ME EAT OUT OF A DOG DISH story… but it haunts me to this day.  I am pretty sure it is where my life long battle with obsesity began.  And possibly why I like to eat my meals from a dog dish to this day (Note:  those are both ridiculous statements and patently untrue)

As for Parker and the Ravioli War of 2015…..  He never ate it.  He didn’t get any cookies.  I don’t know if he is scarred for life or not.  If so… it could be great blog material some day though!

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