The Mis-Adventures of Loki & Thor: The Final Chapter

Sadly a day came that Loki was not able to win the most important battle of his young life and we had to say goodbye to our sweet little superhero.  Go forward to Vahalla, little Loki.   We loved you so much!

(On a Wednesday we noticed that Loki was throwing up a lot and the next day it was clear he wasn’t his normal happy perky self.  Friday morning we got him in to the vet first thing but it was already too late to save him.  Loki crossed over the Rainbow Bridge Friday afternoon of massive congenital kidney failure.  We gave him many kisses and told him how much we loved him and then we let him go.  Thor is puzzled and looking around for his friend.  As so many times happens we were immediately met with opportunities to save other kittens who desperately needed a home so stay tuned.)


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2 Comments on “The Mis-Adventures of Loki & Thor: The Final Chapter

  1. I am Soooo sorry. Much love to Loki and may his journey be full of love, light, toys and kittynip. Bless his sweet soul.
    Big hugs to you too.

    • Unlike some of the posts chosen for FP78#21&;d yours was well deserved.. and a pleasure to read and it made me laugh.I do hope that Lisa completed her course and that she is now eating healthily

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