The Mis-Adventures of Loki & Thor: Chapter 4 The Battle Of Dysonus

When last we parted, Odin had summoned Loki & Thor to Asgard

Figs Audience

Heimfall finally succeeded in getting our heros over the Bifrost and into Asgard

both going

We are here Father, at your bidding

Odin Base

Thor.  Loki.  You must overcome your feline form’s compulsion to go in and out and then stand in the middle of the doorway only to go in and then out and then in again.

When I call to you, you must come to me!  Don’t give me that “Felines Don’t Come When Called”  Stuff.   You get your furry hindquarters here POSTHASTE!


We are sorry, Father!  Please do tell us what you command us do!

Odin Base

My Sons, you must travel to the land of Vacoom, confront the evil devil Dysonus and bring him to justice… or destroy him utterly.  Works either way for me.   While Dysonus is loud and does not move quickly, he is very powerful.  Some would say he is the Most Powerful of All Vacooms.  He has the ability to suck the very souls from his victims with his power of Patented Cyclone Technology and trap them in his Chamber Without Bags until such a time as they can be absorbed in the Aether and cease to exist

Odin just go

So Thor and Loki set off to do their Father Odin’s bidding– Thor first calling out his Mighty Hammer,


And soon they arrived in Vacoom to confront The Evil Dysonus



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One Comment on “The Mis-Adventures of Loki & Thor: Chapter 4 The Battle Of Dysonus

  1. I don’t know, man. Dysonus had the eyes of a good guy while Loki and Thor are looking pretty shady. I hope Dysonus lives to cuum another day.

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