The Mis-Adventures of Loki & Thor: Chapter 3– A New Threat!

Odin Of Asgard

Odin sent a messenger to Loki & Thor calling them to the throne room– there was a new threat to Asgard.  One that could steal the very soul of every person in the kingdom.  

Dysonus of Vacoom.

Dysonus of Vacoom

Thor and Loki heeded the call of their father and king and set out to find the Bifrost—- the link between the worlds.  The Rainbow Bridge.

Unfortunately their feline forms influenced their ability to make a straightforward hop to Asgard and no sooner had they reached one side, they felt compelled to come back again.

Heimdall the GateKeeper could scarcely hide his disgust at the inability of Thor and Loki to commit to their crossing.


Finally our two Heros made it across the Bifrost and into Asgard where they would soon do battle with the Evil Dysonus of Vacoom.   

both going

Ready yourself Dysonus…..

your days are numbered!!




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