The Marvelish Mis-Adventures Of Loki & Thor Chapter 1: It Begins

Chapter 1

Odin paced across the viewing room of his castle in Asgard, pondering the scene before him and wondered yet again what fascinated him so much about this one particular group of mortals.   At the same time mind numbingly boring and yet endlessly unpredictable, they often held his attention.  If only to satisfy his curiosity he decided to send someone to infiltrate the humans and find out what makes them so uniquely peculiar.  There was something about them that conjured a feeling that part of the picture is missing;  the piece of the puzzle that would make everything logical.

Knowing that his son’s affinity for mischief making  would make the project nothing if not entertaining he summoned Loki and gave him the following instructions:  Infiltrate the human culture and find out what makes them tick.  He was to shape shift into the form of a common feline;  a black one so as to move about in the shadows unseen and spy on the mortals.  Then report back to his father all he had seen.

Unbeknownst to Loki, Odin decided to also send his son Thor to keep an eye out for humanity in the event Loki got out of control.  While curious about the mortals Odin didn’t care to sacrifice them for the sake of entertainment value.  One never really knew what Loki had up his sleeve– or fur in this case.  Thor would retain his ginger locks though trimmed short for now.

They were dispatched to a local Cattery located in an area so beige as  to be practically invisible.  Thor first.  Loki came soon after unaware that his brother Thor had preceeded him.


For several weeks they languished in cages (!) eating food so dry that it was practically cardboard and forced to eliminate in cheap clay litter.  Thor took this in with practiced Zen-like demeanor:  ears perked forward and eyes half closed.  He chose to effect a small cold with the intent to tug at the heartstrings of visitors.   Loki, true to form regardless of what that form would be, splashed water at visitors and scampered about in his jail cell causing ruckus whenever possible.  There was nothing Zen about Loki.    Did they use their considerable powers of mental manipulation to compel the visitors to take a closer look and then glamor them when they made eye contact?  No doubt, for soon a highly intelligent and witty woman disguised as a crazy cat lady made arrangements to bring them into her home.

Little did she know the chaos she invited into her life on that fateful day.

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  1. Just remember you pinky sweared me that when you write your book you’re going to have that last little section I told you the title of..and my favorite sayings….lol

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