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Surely Not Love

“You are still in love with him……” Like a lit match thrown carelessly into kindling, someone tosses this little tidbit into the discussion.   Interesting thought.  Does it look that way to you?  Does it feel that way to… Read More


Sometimes, if I turn very quickly and peek out of the corner of my eye: I catch a glimpse.  Not a clear look.  Right behind me.  But always there. I am always aware of It.  Sometimes It seems… Read More

Have Some Tea…..

Welcome to my pity party… have a seat.  How do you take your tea?  Here are some cookies…..   Or wine and popcorn…. I will tell you what set me off and you are probably going to roll your… Read More

Tuesday Haiku: Roadkill

Squirrel Knevel! Do not run across the road In front of my car!!   Caw!! Says the Raven Do not discourage Squirrel Tasty treat for me!   (Thank you!!)