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Do Not Touch The Elf!!

Wednesday December 9, 2015 An interview conducted with eyewitnesses to the event that transpired earlier in the morning.  No one is sure when.  Or how.  We only know one thing for sure… This Elf is not the sweet… Read More

Tuesday Haiku: Landscaping

The Front Of My House Is Far Too Plain:  I NEED HELP!! What Do You Guys Think??   Artist’s Rendition With Some Help From PicMonkey And Grandson Parker   Parker Helped A Lot But He Was Not Satisfied With… Read More

My Ninja Monkey

The last weekend of August Lauren went camping with some friends.  I offered to babysit Parker for the whole weekend.  Since he lives with me full time and I share a  lot of the toddler duties this didn’t… Read More

Wedding Pics

Recently Lauren’s best friend got married and both Lauren and Parker were in the wedding. You all know how I hate to brag on my Grandson Parker (Boy Wonder) Jonathon but it is so hard to resist when… Read More

The Ravioli War

The story goes that Parker actually asked for the ravioli at the store.  I have my doubts.  To begin with, my daughter had him over in the baby food section and was making suggestions about what he might… Read More

I’m Baaaack

So my blog went dark for a couple weeks and I am very sorry for that because I am sure you were all on pins and needles wondering what happened??? My laptop very nearly went to the Big… Read More

5 AwesomeThings About Being A Toddler

And it is another NahNah Top 5 List!!! 5 AWESOME THINGS ABOUT BEING A TODDLER THAT TOTALLY ROCK~ 1)   You can run around in your underpants and everyone is totally cool about it 2)  No one looks… Read More

CALLIE The Wonder Pup!!

Here She Is!!!!   Because there wasn’t quite enough going on in my life, Saturday my sister and I headed on down to Escondido to pick up Callie!  She was waiting for us down in Escondido which is… Read More

Top 5 Things About Being A Live In Grandma!

#5)   Sometime he shares his cookies (aka KEEKEES!)     4) He helps my cardio health by encouraging exercise (running away from me in the park) and making my heart beat faster (from fear) and reminding me… Read More