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Have Some Tea…..

Welcome to my pity party… have a seat.  How do you take your tea?  Here are some cookies…..   Or wine and popcorn…. I will tell you what set me off and you are probably going to roll your… Read More

Knock Knock!!

Hey!! Knock Knock Geeeez Peoples! WHO IS THERE???? I know you are out there because I can HEAR YOU BREATHING!! I know you are out there because your computer is sending me pictures (Nice pajamas!) I know you… Read More

Shark Week Haiku

Are you ready for the Tuesday Haiku???

New Old Friends

So the other day I was stuck at the Quick Oil Change & Car Wash place for like 17 hours or so and I started wandering around Facebook. And I realized that there are a lot of people… Read More


Magpie Tales hosts a writing creativity page every week to encourage writers to hone their craft.  Head on over to  Magpie Tales to see what everyone else wrote about using this picture as muse.   You think you see… Read More

I AM A Writer!!!

Why blog?  I mean, seriously, why even do this?  What is it about what I have bouncing around in my brain that compels me to blurt it out to the universe?  What makes me think anyone cares or… Read More