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5+ Things That Suck About Living With Your Grandchild!

So you know that my daughter and grandson live with me.   And, for the most part, this is wonderful.  Sometimes it isn’t.  For the sake of Brevity***  here are Five things that Suck about Being A Live… Read More

5 AwesomeThings About Being A Toddler

And it is another NahNah Top 5 List!!! 5 AWESOME THINGS ABOUT BEING A TODDLER THAT TOTALLY ROCK~ 1)   You can run around in your underpants and everyone is totally cool about it 2)  No one looks… Read More

New Old Friends

So the other day I was stuck at the Quick Oil Change & Car Wash place for like 17 hours or so and I started wandering around Facebook. And I realized that there are a lot of people… Read More

Top 5 Things About Being A Live In Grandma!

#5)   Sometime he shares his cookies (aka KEEKEES!)     4) He helps my cardio health by encouraging exercise (running away from me in the park) and making my heart beat faster (from fear) and reminding me… Read More