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The Mis-Adventures of Loki & Thor: The Final Chapter

Sadly a day came that Loki was not able to win the most important battle of his young life and we had to say goodbye to our sweet little superhero.  Go forward to Vahalla, little Loki.   We loved… Read More

The Mis-Adventures Of Loki & Thor– Chapter 5: Brotherly Love


The Mis-Adventures of Loki & Thor: Chapter 4 The Battle Of Dysonus

When last we parted, Odin had summoned Loki & Thor to Asgard Heimfall finally succeeded in getting our heros over the Bifrost and into Asgard We are here Father, at your bidding Thor.  Loki.  You must overcome your… Read More

The Mis-Adventures of Loki & Thor: Chapter 3– A New Threat!

Odin sent a messenger to Loki & Thor calling them to the throne room– there was a new threat to Asgard.  One that could steal the very soul of every person in the kingdom.   Dysonus of Vacoom. Thor… Read More

Chapter 2: The Rise Of Gullinkambi

Chapter 2:   The Rise Of Gullikambi It wasn’t long before the Great and Horrible Gullikambi discovered that Odin’s sons had been sent away leaving Vahalla weakened without two of their Heros.  He decided to first go do battle… Read More

Operation: Shelter Cat Rescue

Those of you who know me well know that I have an animal shaped hole in my heart.  It has been speculated that it replaced the part of my heart where romantic love once inhabited before it was forever vanquished… Read More

The Marvelish Mis-Adventures Of Loki & Thor Chapter 1: It Begins

Chapter 1 Odin paced across the viewing room of his castle in Asgard, pondering the scene before him and wondered yet again what fascinated him so much about this one particular group of mortals.   At the same time… Read More