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Tuesday Haiku: Landscaping

The Front Of My House Is Far Too Plain:  I NEED HELP!! What Do You Guys Think??   Artist’s Rendition With Some Help From PicMonkey And Grandson Parker   Parker Helped A Lot But He Was Not Satisfied With… Read More

Where Are The House Updates You Ask?

 You know it is all well and good for you guys to be clammering for the “After” pictures of my house renovations but that is because YOU DON’T KNOW MY LIFE!! Yes- we are moved out of our apartment… Read More

Even More ‘Befores’

Update Update Update!!! The house renovation is motoring along.  And continuing with the metaphor…. sometimes it is a smooth, carefree drive and sometimes it is a bumpy bumpy road, ya’ll Lets get the bad news out of the… Read More

The Room Formerly Known as ‘The Den’

I started to tell you above my decision to renovate my parents’ house and move into that from my fabulously underwhelming townhouse. And the project is now in full swing!    Here are my general plans for the… Read More

What Is Up With The House??

When last we left our intrepid Geeez she was happily settled into her new apartment… Or so it may have seemed….  (insert scary music here) For those of you who may not been along for the ride that… Read More