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Tuesday Haiku: Summer

HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT!!! I want to kick Summer’s butt Too Hot Hot Hot Hot!!!!

Shark Week Haiku

Are you ready for the Tuesday Haiku???

Tuesday Haiku: VACATION!!!!!

Wednesday is the Day I will get on an airplane And go to New York   My sister with me She better not BREATH on me Or I will tell Moooooom!   We don’t like to fly Thank… Read More

Hot Haiku

Summertime Haiku I HATE THE SUMMER One Hundred Fourteen Degrees? That’s Ridiculous!!   Seriously–  You know it is just too dang hot where I live.  Look at my car thermometer the other day.   THE TEMPERATURE WAS 157934… Read More

Quinoa Haiku

How is this pronounced? Keen-Wah or Quinn-Oh-Uh, Huh? It Looks Like Eyeballs!

Haiku Tuesday: Haiku Haiku

Do You Do Haiku? Five Syllables Then Seven And Then Five Again   You too can Haiku– all the Cool Kids do!  

Tuesday Haiku: Real People Recipes

Since I missed last week’s Haiku Tuesday I am going to make this week a Haiku / Recipe Combo: 

Ode to Trader Joes: Haiku Tuesday

        I love Trader Joes It is SO Entertaining The food is SO weird


Magpie Tales hosts a writing creativity page every week to encourage writers to hone their craft.  Head on over to  Magpie Tales to see what everyone else wrote about using this picture as muse.   You think you see… Read More

Tuesday Haiku: Roadkill

Squirrel Knevel! Do not run across the road In front of my car!!   Caw!! Says the Raven Do not discourage Squirrel Tasty treat for me!   (Thank you!!)