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The Aussie Menace

We call her the “Aussie Menace” Sure, she looks all sweet and innocent…. but behind that sweet puppy face and fluffy floppy ears is the soul of an animal.  Yes, she has tasted human blood…. and she regrets… Read More

Things That Make My OCD Flare Up

I have just the tiniest touch of OCD behaviour that crops up every so often. And things that are not symmetrical drive me batty.   For example:  My cat Figaro.   The blaze on his nose is off… Read More

CALLIE The Wonder Pup!!

Here She Is!!!!   Because there wasn’t quite enough going on in my life, Saturday my sister and I headed on down to Escondido to pick up Callie!  She was waiting for us down in Escondido which is… Read More


Yes I am insane. Now that that is out of the way…..  (drumroll please………..)         Introducing   CALLIE!!   Callie was born on 3-4-15 and she is a Mini Australian Sheppard She will be ready… Read More

Sometimes I Feel Like I Am Being Watched…

So on to the really important people in my life:  The Fenner Furgang At the moment there is only one member of the Fenner Furgang.  Little does he know that is about to change! This is Figaro.  … Read More

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