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2015 Resolution Wrap Up

Now that 2015 is just a memory, it is the time for all good men and women to review their resolutions and goals made at the dawn of 2015 and see how we did.  Make my new apartment… Read More

Agents Of M.E.O.W.~~ How It All Began

Many times and times and times again- before much of anything was anything and before clocks invented time- there was the First Feline. The First could do many things, be many things and have great Power and Prestige… Read More

The Mis-Adventures of Loki & Thor: The Final Chapter

Sadly a day came that Loki was not able to win the most important battle of his young life and we had to say goodbye to our sweet little superhero.  Go forward to Vahalla, little Loki.   We loved… Read More

The Mis-Adventures Of Loki & Thor– Chapter 5: Brotherly Love


5 Things I Want People To Know About…. Pitbulls Guest Blogger: Stacy Rittel

Meet Stacy & Her Best Buddy, Gypsum It was October 8, 2010 and I had been in my house for a few months.  I knew I wanted a dog.  I visited the local Humane Society and had a… Read More

The Mis-Adventures of Loki & Thor: Chapter 4 The Battle Of Dysonus

When last we parted, Odin had summoned Loki & Thor to Asgard Heimfall finally succeeded in getting our heros over the Bifrost and into Asgard We are here Father, at your bidding Thor.  Loki.  You must overcome your… Read More

Operation: Shelter Cat Rescue

Those of you who know me well know that I have an animal shaped hole in my heart.  It has been speculated that it replaced the part of my heart where romantic love once inhabited before it was forever vanquished… Read More

The Aussie Menace

We call her the “Aussie Menace” Sure, she looks all sweet and innocent…. but behind that sweet puppy face and fluffy floppy ears is the soul of an animal.  Yes, she has tasted human blood…. and she regrets… Read More

Things That Make My OCD Flare Up

I have just the tiniest touch of OCD behaviour that crops up every so often. And things that are not symmetrical drive me batty.   For example:  My cat Figaro.   The blaze on his nose is off… Read More

CALLIE The Wonder Pup!!

Here She Is!!!!   Because there wasn’t quite enough going on in my life, Saturday my sister and I headed on down to Escondido to pick up Callie!  She was waiting for us down in Escondido which is… Read More