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5 Things I Want To Say About: Being An Affirming Christian Parent Of A Gay Child With Guest Blogger Sandy Van Dyne

Hi.  My name is Sandy and I am a straight ally of the LGBT [Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender] community.  I’m also a believer [Christian] .  Honestly, for many years I didn’t think those two things could go together. … Read More

Have Some Tea…..

Welcome to my pity party… have a seat.  How do you take your tea?  Here are some cookies…..   Or wine and popcorn…. I will tell you what set me off and you are probably going to roll your… Read More

New Old Friends

So the other day I was stuck at the Quick Oil Change & Car Wash place for like 17 hours or so and I started wandering around Facebook. And I realized that there are a lot of people… Read More