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Using The “F” Word

There are a couple of really dynamic “F” words. The most obvious one, the one spelled “#&@%”, is just an expression. A giant, irritated sigh, with no real power. That is not the one I am talking about…. Read More

Faith Math

For the last several years I have struggled with my Faith.  I blame my parents (of course), because in my family it was all about the math.  The FAITH MATH Photo by Dan CC BY2.0 Try to follow… Read More


For 2016 I would like to be kinder to myself


Sometimes, if I turn very quickly and peek out of the corner of my eye: I catch a glimpse.  Not a clear look.  Right behind me.  But always there. I am always aware of It.  Sometimes It seems… Read More

The Mis-Adventures of Loki & Thor: The Final Chapter

Sadly a day came that Loki was not able to win the most important battle of his young life and we had to say goodbye to our sweet little superhero.  Go forward to Vahalla, little Loki.   We loved… Read More

5 Things I Want To Say About: Being An Affirming Christian Parent Of A Gay Child With Guest Blogger Sandy Van Dyne

Hi.  My name is Sandy and I am a straight ally of the LGBT [Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender] community.  I’m also a believer [Christian] .  Honestly, for many years I didn’t think those two things could go together. … Read More

5 Things I Want People To Know About…. Pitbulls Guest Blogger: Stacy Rittel

Meet Stacy & Her Best Buddy, Gypsum It was October 8, 2010 and I had been in my house for a few months.  I knew I wanted a dog.  I visited the local Humane Society and had a… Read More

5 Things I Learned About Living From My Parents’ Dying

In June of 2014 my mother passed away.  Just a few days short of 6 months later, my father followed her.  The year before that, my grandmother passed.  As the newly crowned Queen of The Universe Matriarch of… Read More

Mid Summer Nostalgia

When the middle of the summer rolls around, the calendar begins its assault. Beginning with my sister’s birthday on July 10th, there is a steady stream of birthdays for a solid month.  I think there is just something… Read More

911 Memorial

The day Monica and I spent at the 911 Memorial was probably the most emotional and moving day of our trip.  We knew this would be the case when we went there and it certainly brings back all… Read More