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M.E.O.W. vs Severina

Some time has passed and the kittens have been busy with their training “Director Naynos” said Salem  “We are now proficient with our menacing cuteness rays and feel we can now take our place among the full fledged… Read More

M.E.O.W.: In Which Weasley Proves His Mettle

Weasley, having become frustrated with endless classes and desk work, finally drums up the nerve to approach The Big Boss with a request.  As usual, he ignores the tiara and suppresses the urge to ask about the spotlight… Read More

Meet The Agents Of M.E.O.W

And so once Director Naynos had some confidence in the Hoomans of The House to spot likely recruits, she dispatched them to the Cattery of Doom.  Weasley came from the first outing.  He made his presence known by… Read More

Agents Of M.E.O.W.~~ How It All Began

Many times and times and times again- before much of anything was anything and before clocks invented time- there was the First Feline. The First could do many things, be many things and have great Power and Prestige… Read More