Sometimes I Feel Like I Am Being Watched…

So on to the really important people in my life:  The Fenner Furgang

At the moment there is only one member of the Fenner Furgang.  Little does he know that is about to change!

This is Figaro.  

Yes I am Figaro.  Admire Me!

Yes I am Figaro. Admire Me!









OMG I Really Hate This Picture!

Figaro once looked this this when we rescued him from the bushes he had been hiding in after crossing a busy street.  Figaro (or ‘Figs’ as he is usually called) was only a few weeks old and near death.  He recovered well and now he is the beautiful mancat that you see before you.  Sure he has emotional issues but don’t we all!  He doesn’t like people except for a few choosen ones.  He likes to take a swipe at us when we walk by.

To show his gratitude he often helps me write and work on my laptop!


You Bore Me Human!!

You Bore Me Human!!

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7 Comments on “Sometimes I Feel Like I Am Being Watched…

  1. He is very handsome….I assume, from your post, when you move into your house you are going to start “collecting” siblings for him….Cats are like potato chips….You can’t have just one…….

    • LOL… so true!! Stay tuned for further Furgang Updates!!!

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