I finished another phase of my house renovations!  YAY! 

For those of you who are newer to my blog, please feel free to check out prior posts  but in a nutshell here is the story.  Both my parents passed away in 2014 and my sister and I inherited our childhood home.  Neither one of us wanted it at first and it was ready to go on the market when I came across this post on the patio where my mother had measured the heights of all the kids and grandkids and something inside of me just said “ARE YOU CRAZY YOU COULD HAVE A HOUSE WITH NO MORTGAGE“.  Actually I do have a very small heart and it was touched.  If you want to read the full version click here   Why I Decided To Keep This House   So I called the realtor who was ready to list the house that very weekend and told her that we were not going to sell.

So I bought out my sister and kept it.  The house was in good shape but very outdated (plus I wanted it to feel like my house, not like sleeping over in my old bedroom) so I started the renovation process.  I would be completely done if not for a really bad paint job (Note:  always hire a licensed contractor.  It cost more up front but not as much as having to do it all over again) but that has to wait for now.  One of the very last projects was the living room.

So, here is the Before picture.  I hated this fireplace.  It looks like poop.  I almost painted it but the stone is so porous I was sure it would be a disaster.

Fireplace Before

To the right of the fireplace is a weird area which we think was originally the back porch and my parents closed it in.  But they left the window opening and had those wood turnings.  There was also a silk plant in a macrame hanging pot in the center.    I didn’t like this area either so I closed this in.

Foyer Thru Before

Living room renovation mid stream. 

Living Room in progress

And here……….. Drumroll please…. the final project all finished.  Major Kudos to my wonderful contractor, Travis Andrus who spearheaded the whole entire process and personally crafted this build in.  I think he is down in the Newport Beach area now, but if you need a great finish carpenter let me know. 

front buildin

I LOVE IT!   I love that the TV is up out of the way.  My sister painted the walls on either side a dark gray so the white really pops. (Thanks Sis!)  The fireplace is still there but mostly covered up and still usable which is good by me.  In a perfect world I would have torn it out but we saved a lot of money covering it up and it looks fine with just some brick and not a whole wall of it.  If you look closely I do have popcorn ceilings.  WITH SPARKLES!  You know what?  I LOVE THAT!  I don’t know what all the fuss about popcorn ceilings is all about– maybe it is because I have nice memories of my parents showing the sparkles to the grandkids and how much the kids loved that!

What do you think?  Do you have home renovation stories???  Can you tell me why people hate those popcorn ceilings so much??

Leave a comment– I ALWAYS want to hear YOUR story!


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10 Comments on “Renovation

  1. Wow! That looks amazing! I last saw it when it was bare wood and without all the accents. I want one!

    • Thank you! It was quite a process to get it all done and then professionally painted lol but I am so glad I did it! It changes the look of the whole living room.

      • We’re good. We too are always doing something, our latest in process is we’ve torn down the deck and are having replaced with a concrete deck, huge retaining wall, new cover… which then, of course leads to the outside of the house needs a paint job, oh and the gutters need to come down and some to be replaced. LOL, it never ends.
        Kitties are well, I had 2 very sick kitties for a couple of weeks, but thankfully are all better. WHEW! I’ll e mail you some photos 🙂

  2. It turned out awesome…..Looks like LeAnn’s house, not parentals….LOL…

    • Hey Susie— I am giving Ashlie (Monica’s oldest) a bridal shower May 14th. Invites haven’t gone out yet— you Long Beach peoples should come. You can see how different the house looks! Not much sign of the parentals at all.

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