Operation: Shelter Cat Rescue

Those of you who know me well know that I have an animal shaped hole in my heart.  It has been speculated that it replaced the part of my heart where romantic love once inhabited before it was forever vanquished to the dark side.  This is certainly possible, though I always loved animals even before I gave up on sex and love and all that icky love stuff.

A week ago my furgang consisted of the following cast of characters:

So this week this happened:

Lauren, Callie and I were at Puppy class on Saturday (where Callie  barks incessantly so I can’t learn anything) and when we left there was this cage full of beautiful kittens.  Kittens who’s future hung precariously in the balance between life and death.  Lauren had lost her black cat, Mush and I had lost my favorite feline bestie, Malley last year so we were a little low on the animal to human ratio in our house.  So I told her she could get one.

This sounded pretty simple but it actually set off a process of assessing our cat adoption worthiness that became extremely frustrating.  First there was the application.  Then the interview.  Then the home visit where we were told what we would need to get done before they could have a pet safe home.  Then another visit was set up for the kitten to meet our other cats.  This process included times we were stood up for appointments and finally culminated in placing the process on hold as the kitten was sick.

We were very disappointed.  And once the kitten bonding process had begun the compulsion to rescue a kitten was overwhelming.  So much so that we went to the local animal shelter to see if there were other available kitties.  OF COURSE THERE WERE.  Millions of adorable sweeties wrapped in all kinds and colors of furs.  Mewing, purring little bundles of pure joy.  Paws reaching out.  Head bonks through prison bars.  All on Death Row.We were powerless to refuse them.  First a little black one who was vigorously scampering around his cage and splashing Lauren with the water from his bowl.  Lets have a round of applause and welcome Loki!


While I waited at the back of the room away from the Danger Zone of Cuteness a little ginger cat locked eyes with mine and stole my heart.  He looked so much like my Malley cat.  I tried to ignore him but he would have none of that.  Another round of applause to welcome Thor!

Yes I do know everything that is wrong with me for wanting all these animals and I yes I do know that some of you are a little disgusted with me for my animal hoarding (OH COME ON 4 cats is hardly hoarding!  I had 8 at once before!)  But you know you will love the blog material they will give me!!

Both kitties have respiratory infections so I took them right away to the vet for check ups and antibiotics.  BIG  BIG props to the  Boulevard  Veterinary Hospital for letting me in 5 minutes before closing and treating the boys for free!  They are open 7 days a week and are really nice people.  I recommend them highly!

Besides it was “Empty The Shelters” day and 10 cats had been put down just that morning so we really were saving precious lives.

 And the post Post Question:  What Is Your Fur Friend Like?

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