New Old Friends

So the other day I was stuck at the Quick Oil Change & Car Wash place for like 17 hours or so and I started wandering around Facebook.

And I realized that there are a lot of people on Facebook that I used to know.  I started thinking about all the fun times we shared.  All the bad times.  The normal, every day times.  The earth shattering moments where something happened that changed everything. The year EVERYONE got engaged and married!  Funerals, graduations, births, retreats, somber discussions and gossipy slumber parties.    I got to thinking of how small my friendship circle has gotten and I felt sad about that.  Maybe it was the Margherita Air freshener talking but I decided to open up my circle and see what happened.

I am sure there are some people reading this now that noticed that!  Up popped a friend request like a blast from the past and all.  I remember her.  She and I…….  we used to…… I wonder what…..

It isn’t like I dumped  any of you– probably not a break up that did it– or something harsh… more likely it was a gradual drifting apart.   Maybe we just didn’t run in the same circle anymore.  Maybe you moved away (heaven knows I have never lived more than 10 miles from the hospital I was born in, so it wasn’t ME that moved!) Maybe you got married (EEK) or our kids grew up or we changed churches.

Lots of reasons.  Lots of time.

So let’s catch up!!!!  I will go first!!

I am now 52 years old.  Mother of two (Brandon 30 & Lauren 23) and Mother in law to one (Jericho).  I am NahNah to Parker (2.5) who is Lauren’s son.   I have one cat (Figaro) and on May 9th I brought home my new puppy Callie (9 weeks) and the next day we reclaimed another cat, Layla, who we had to give away when we were living in an apartment.    Brandon & Jericho have been married for 7 years and Brandon graduated Summa Cum Laude last year with a degree in Geek (Bachelor of Science Network Communication Management).  He now works for Xeikon America as a Field Service Engineer (Services humongous digital printing presses up and down the West Coast).  Jericho works with me part time in my office (please feel sorry for her).  Lauren is a stay-at-home mommy to Parker which is a full time job as every mom knows!  Parker is the most amazing grandchild ever born so far.  He is cute full time, with occasional breaks to be naughty just to keep us off guard.   If you know my sister and are wondering about her— yes she is STILL the ‘pretty one’ and she has four pretty amazing kids:  Ashlie (22), Scooter (20), Zach (18) and Becca (15.5) .  Don’t tell Monica I said this but she is going to turn the Big 5-0 this year.  We are going to go on vacation the end of June to celebrate, God Willing.  To New York City and then Alexandria / Leesburg area to visit family.

Last week we moved from an apartment to my childhood home.  If you look in my archives you will see the renovation process.  I wish it were done, but it is an ongoing project.  As is unpacking– I would say I am about 2/3rds done now.  

As most of you know I was divorced in 1997 and if you are still wondering I will answer the question everyone always wants to know:  Yes, he is still gay.  No, I really didn’t know.  He is doing great.  Has been married for coming up on 7 years and looks like a male model, and I hate him for that.  Just kidding, we get along fine.  (Remember:  divorce does not mean you are done forever with that person, best to figure out how to be friends asap)  As for me– I was such an amazing dater and had such eye opening experiences with finding love that I haven’t been on a date since early 1999.   Some people just aren’t cut out for that stuff.  I think I am just not brave enough.  But it is okay.

I am a Corporate Controller for a major Masonry Contractor and we build all kinds of amazing stuff and I push paperwork around all day.

So those are the stats.  Now for the personal stuff:

When I grow up I want to be a writer!  And I am entertaining myself (and hopefully all of you) by writing this blog and learning the behind the scenes stuff that published writers need to know.  I am currently working on book about Normal American Family Life (now that my parents are gone it is safe)

I love to read and my literary taste runs the gamut from speculative fiction (alternative history), horror (I have a vast library of zombie fiction on my kindle) to thrillers and science fiction.   I read a lot.  Seriously it is ridiculous.  I like to watch TV.  A lot.  I love sci fi there too!  And suspenseful stuff.  I love Walking Dead and Face Off and Jimmy Fallon and Modern Family and The 100 and American Horror Story and HGTV where I am currently obsessed because I have Home Renovation on the Brain!

In June of 2014 my mother passed away and in December my father followed her.   These last few years were an education I wish I hadn’t ever needed but dealt with funeral arrangements and Trust administration and rehab homes and in home care and parents who rapidly deteriorated in body and most sadly, in mind.  I have a special empathy with people who are dealing with this inevitable phase of life that is so confusing and frustrating as you try and try to help your loved one be happy ( as happy as they can be) and safe (same thing there), all while trying to work and care for your own family and your own emotions (mixed up and complicated).

I also have a special affinity with Grandparents who are, at least in part, raising their grandchildren.  Not everyone experiences the happy pink or blue reveal cake.  For some of us the announcement heralds in a time of confusion and anger and eventual acceptance and utter joy and heart bursting love.  I feel lucky to get to spend so much time with him.  Usually, lol.

I am a chronic yo-yo dieter because I can’t manage to live in moderation.  So I am always fat but either on the way up or on the way down.  Right now I am on the way down.  But I am still fat.  I just want to put that out there right away in case you are starting to fall in love with me— I just don’t want you to be shocked!

Some of us just don’t fit the cookie cutter mold that we, at least believe, is how the rest of the world lives.  We are single in a world of couples.  We have fatherless grandchildren.  We have parents who sneak the car and drive over gopher holes.  We have chronic diseases and pain that we really don’t want anyone to see.  We need counseling and anxiety medication.  We love our church and the people there and our relationship with God and Jesus but we are at odds with some of the teaching of the church and so we feel conflicted and confused and sometimes angry.

When I write here I usually try to bring on the Funny.  I try to be geniune and real.  But not too real because, seriously that is just gross, no one needs to see that.

I am trying to create a community of people who are like minded and you can find that on the GeeezBlog Community Page on Facebook.  I post pictures on Instagram at GeeezLoueez   I would like to Twitter but, apparently I am just too big a Twit because I can’t figure it out!   

Speaking of having trouble figuring it out, I am still having issues with my Subscriber page.  If you have subscribed and are getting post notifications please let me know!!  I am so frustrated with that!


Anyhow…. Nice to meet you…. once and again!

 Please keep your arms and hands inside the ride at all times:  there will be sudden starts and stops as well as twists and turns!



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4 Comments on “New Old Friends

  1. I love reading your stuff. You write well, and I really hope you continue writes and publish something someday. We already know our lives were very much alike, so I’d love to read anything you’ve already written about that. Love you, and love your take on stuff. We agree most of the time! Scary!

    • Should have checked my own grammar before hitting “post”. You know what I meant.

  2. I am so UNLIKE you. lol You know that getting in touch with the past is my least favorite activity. Of course staying in touch with the past that I choose — like you — is a great activity. My feeling is that the people I’ve lost contact with are so different now, that the past really is the past there. On the other hand, when I stay in touch with someone then I have stayed in touch with their changes and there is no real disconnect.

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