My Quirky Legacy

By now none of you are questioning why I call myself ‘Quirky’, right?

I come by this trait honestly— it was handed down to me by my parents.  The difference is that I am quirky in a cute, charming, funny and entertaining way and they were quirky in a ‘weird, exasperating, strange, makes no sense’ kinda way.  Also theirs was not tempered by hours upon hours of therapy.

Living in the house they owned for 46 years has opened my eyes to a whole new level of crazy quirky.

One of the creedos my father lived by was that you ‘Always kept everything for parts’  So there were several sheds in the yard full of ‘parts’.  Most of this has been sold or given away.  The other day my son, Brandon, took on the task of hauling off some of the junk back there.  He can do this now because they got a ‘new’ truck.  It is so great to have someone in the family with a truck.  You can only imagine the things I have somehow managed to buy and bring home in my little car.   I figure you haven’t actually seen this or there would be an instagram picture with the heading “HOW DID SHE GET THAT IN THERE?”

There are several swamp coolers back there.  And he had kept all the wood from when he tore down the original patio and put a new one up.  I don’t remember when this happened but Brandon thinks he remembers it so let’s say 25 years ago.  This picture doesn’t do it justice.  But you can see the whole truck and that was more important.


(This is their awesome new truck!!!)



I love the notice on the side of the landfill office.    Note my favorite part:


I live in the desert ya’ll..  The damn MOJAVE DESERT.  If you look out past this landfill you can see Edwards Air Force Base in the distance;  Home of the Rocket Propulsion Lab (AKA Lets see what this radioactive stuff is) and site of many alien spaceship landings air craft flight testing  (and by that I mean SUPER SECRET FLYING STUFF)  My company once built a masonry structure out there that DID NOT EXIST ON PAPER.  I believe it is an Alien Housing Unit.  My crews would have to go into a windowless room when certain things were being moved.  And by ‘things’ I mean ALIENS.


In fact this is a picture of my dad circa 1965 with a calculator.

Anyhow….. more evidence of my dad’s quirk:  Why use a staple or a binder clip when you have a nut and bolt (that you kept for parts).  By the way my dad ALWAYS picked up nuts and bolts and screws that he saw.  There were MILLIONS of them in his workspace.

nut and screw 1   nut and screw 2

Why have all four ceiling fan blades when two does the job just fine?



And finally evidence to prove my point for today:  I just realized yesterday that he has put styrofoam panels in almost all of the AC / Heating vents apparently so he could direct the air where he wanted to go.  Which was my mom’s bedroom (that is my office now) and the living room. Yeah so that explains why it was always hot in my bedroom.

Aren’t you glad I am Quirky in a more ‘totally awesome that totally makes sense’ kinda way?

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  1. The ceiling fan is my favorite example of crazy. Love it!

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