Mid Summer Nostalgia

When the middle of the summer rolls around, the calendar begins its assault.

Beginning with my sister’s birthday on July 10th, there is a steady stream of birthdays for a solid month.  I think there is just something about autumn that gets people in the mood to make babies.  Maybe it is the Halloween candy— I know nothing got my mom’s fire lit up like a handful of candy corn.  And then, nine months later (give or take) out popped a little Rittel girl.  My sister was a little early and I was a little late.

Along with the dates come the memories.  I suppose it is inevitable that you are going along your merry way writing a check and then, suddenly writing that date down transports you to another time far far away.

On the 17th of July I waltzed my white gowned self down the aisle to get married.  19 years worth of wisdom told me this was the right path to take.  I remember it all, even though it certainly feels like a different life.  And it still hurts just a little when I think about it.

Next up is the 24th of July– the birthday of the white tuxedoed boy who had been at the end of that aisle.

A week later is the birthday of my longest continuous friend Wayne.  I have friends in my life who have come and gone but none who have been there every day like Wayne.   Since Mr Swenson’s 7th grade science class and the hamster experiments that brought us together there hasn’t been a time in my life that didn’t include Wayne.   (Don’t worry— no hamsters were harmed in those experiments.)

A few more days down the line is my birthday.  I don’t have any memories of my birth– I was born at a very early age.

A week or so later was Scott followed soon by Jeannie. 

The five of us:  Me, Jim (tuxedo boy), Wayne, Scott and Jeannie always celebrated our birthdays in our own special “Broke kids drinking coffee at the AV Inn all night” style.  We were a rowdy gang.   Those are really happy memories.  These days we are all grandparents, except for Wayne.  Wayne was a little late getting on the parent bandwagon but his time will come no doubt.

It is funny how these summer days just fairly ‘pop’ with crystal clear memories.  And by funny I mean nostalgic and melancholy.  Those special dates drag me right back to the times and days and events and feelings that they all share, regardless of how many years they represent. I dust them off and polish them up until they sparkle and shine.  Then  I hear all the music of the time.  I kiss all the lips and wrap my arms around all the necks.  I blow out all the candles. I live again back in those moments until it is time to pack them away for another year.

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2 Comments on “Mid Summer Nostalgia

  1. Hey that’s me! 🙂
    Do you remember Mr Swenson’s humane hamster traps that we used to catch wayward hamsters (seems like after every weekend)?
    btw, I laughed repeatedly reading this.

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