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And so once Director Naynos had some confidence in the Hoomans of The House to spot likely recruits, she dispatched them to the Cattery of Doom.  Weasley came from the first outing.  He made his presence known by rushing to the front of his cage and waving his paws.  The Oldest Hooman has a soft spot for the Ginger cats and he came home to start his training.  Some months later, Salem was also rescued from the same facility.  A scant week before that Luna came to live in the House.

And so let me introduce you to the Agents of M.E.O.W.:  Geeez Chapter

The Head of Geeez House of M.E.O.W.:  Director Naynos

Director Naynos has been head of the House for quite some time.  She tends to affect a slight British accent perhaps due to her obsessive love of James Bond movies where she fancies herself to be a bit like “M”.  To be honest, she fancies “M” to be a bit like her.  Because of her affinity with the British she often wears a tiara.  Everyone tries to pretend they do not see it.  She is in charge of everything WerCat in the home including recruitment and procurement of treats and snacks.   She prefers organic and grain free.  At dinner parties, once she has knocked back a few, she likes to say she is a Vegan who only eats fish, which of course makes no sense whatsoever.  Like the tiara, no one dares correct her.


Her Second In Command: Dr Figglesworth.  His parents, who were a bit batty, named him Doctor so they could always say their son is a doctor.  At dinner parties, when he has taken a nip or twelve he likes to call himself  ‘The’ Doctor and claims to be a Time Lord from Galifrey.    Though he is comfortable in his feline form, Doctor Figglesworth really likes a walk on the wild side.  We will find him plying his gifts in the most unusual ways.



Lycana Specializes in The Defense Of The Dog Arts and though she is 100% WerCat  she claims she is a dog trapped in a cats body which makes no sense:  She is a WerCat and she isn’t trapped in any particular body at all.  Nevertheless, she likes to let her Canine side show itself most of the time.  Behind her back her colleagues laughingly call her Professor  of the Defense of The Dog Farts for her penchant to say ‘The Dog Did It’


Junior Officer Weasley is newly graduated from the academy.  He has a problem with authority and coloring in the lines.  He is, after all, A Ginger.  You know what they say about Ginger Cats! (That they don’t have souls and they are trying to steal yours).  He often finds himself in trouble because he acts without measuring the consequences of his actions.

New recruits Luna  & Salem  


Luna recently crawled into a car engine and loudly proclaimed that She Was A WerCat and she could turn herself into anything she wanted—- and she wanted to be a CAR!  After several hours of trying to talk her down some kind hearted Hoomans managed to entice her out of the car engine assuring her that they “defiantly believed she could turn herself into anything she wanted” and that the nice people at the facility would make sure she got the help she needed.  Luna was a street kit and only half understood her powers.  Her parents were nip heads and left her to her own devices.  After spending some time at a psyche facility in Palmdale she was eventually brought to House of Geeez for training.


Salem was discovered at the Cattery of Doom where the Hoomans were recruiting for new trainees.  She had rudimentary Adorable Ray power and managed to enchant the Hoomans right away. 


We bring them in young at M.E.O.W. and these little princesses will learn right away how to use their cuteness to their advantage— but don’t let those adorable faces lull you into a false sense of security.    They are already learning to use the Paralyzing Rays of Adorableness to their advantage.


And so these are the Agents Of M.E.O.W.:  Geeez Chapter

In the coming times we will see how they hone their skills, fight crime and get into as much mischief as possible!

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  1. Other than the eye, is there something lopsided about Callie’s face or is it just me?

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