M.E.O.W.: In Which Weasley Proves His Mettle

Weasley, having become frustrated with endless classes and desk work, finally drums up the nerve to approach The Big Boss with a request.  As usual, he ignores the tiara and suppresses the urge to ask about the spotlight she has set up in her office:

“Director Naynos!”

thor with stache

I believe that I am now sufficiently trained to go out into the field and protect our kind from unsavory elements.  I have heard all manner of beastly noises out there.  I have disguised my face and I am ready and willing to fight!

“Ahh, young Weasley,” replied Director Naynos ” I was beginning to wonder when you would tire of the office work and request a field assignment.  As it happens, an intruder has been spotted.  For your first assignment I want you to wrestle him into complete submission.  Try not to harm him as I would like to question him once in custody.”

“I will make you proud” announced Weasley as he entered the fray!

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