Knock Knock!!


Knock Knock Geeeez Peoples!


I know you are out there because I can HEAR YOU BREATHING!!

I know you are out there because your computer is sending me pictures (Nice pajamas!)

I know you are out there because I have a Visitor Counter!!

But you never respond to me!

I would love to make this blogsite more interactive.  But I need your help!

What suggestions can you make to help make this connection more of a two way street?

Here is what I would LOVE for you guys to do:  

Please share my blog posts if you like them.  There are symbols at the end of each post to share on Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest. 

When you see a post on Facebook please share or ‘Like’ every time.

I admit it:   I ask you these things partly because I have a neverending black hole of attention seeking and I want to feel the love.  Or at least the like.

But I am also pursing my mid life crisis Writing Career and working the social media goes far to get my work out there to be noticed and to show that my work has legs….

So…. please…. I beg you….. leave comments….. ‘Like’ me …..Tweet Me….. Pin me……..


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