Yes I am insane.

Now that that is out of the way…..  (drumroll please………..)

dog 2





Introducing   CALLIE!!


Callie was born on 3-4-15 and she is a Mini Australian Sheppard

She will be ready to come home soon after the new house is finished!!

Here is a picture of her just a few days old

20150311_17190220150413_162902dog 3


And here she is a few days ago with one of the kids of the breeder.  They make a point of socializing the puppies with children right off the bat.

Is she not adorable.  She is going to be my best friend.

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16 Comments on “Introducing……..

  1. Awwwwww……How cute is she!!! I have a friend that has the regular Tri Australian Shepards…She shows one of them (Amanda) at dog shows…..She wins, alot….Beautiful herding dogs…..

    • I understand they are very smart too! I am hoping she can learn to do laundry!
      (I can’t even tell you how excited I am!!)

  2. You realize that Cathy also has a miniature Australian (although he may be an American) sheepdog as well? Ryder is a cutie and he always comes to ME for some ear and tummy scratching.

    • Hi Cathy Mom!!
      I DID know that she had Ryder and that is why I went searching for a Mini Aussie myself– I just fell in love!
      Did Cathy tell you I am coming to visit the end of June? Can’t wait to see the new House!!
      Looking forward to seeing you too!

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  3. I love her! Can’t wait to meet her and give her hugs and kisses!

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    • Such gorgeous fabrics – loving them! And feeling very grumpy that I’ve not signed up for any of your swaps or giveaways but I’m trying not to commit myself to anything (even straightforward fabric swapping) this year until I’ve got my work under some sort of control. It was either that or give up blogging….

  4. Awwww. Yes, they are very smart. Smart dogs need to be active and occupied or destruction may occur. Just so ya know 🙂
    She’s ADORABLE!

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