In Which I Buy A Selfie Stick

When my sister and I were on vacation we bought selfie sticks.  They look so simple.  Yeah, maybe for normal people….. us?  There was a learning curve.  Luckily for you, I documented this learning curve and I am good with letting you all see what a giant dork I am.

We get the stick.  Then I start looking at my phone because I realize that my arms are not long enough to snap the picture.   DUH YOU SAY!!  Well, okay I deserve that.  Then I figure out I have to get an actual selfie app on my phone so it will have a timer function.  So I get that.  I figure out how to attach my phone to the stick. 

Then the real fun begins. 

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2 Comments on “In Which I Buy A Selfie Stick

  1. You are a HUGE dork. And by huge I mean in those super close ups you appear to be the size of Godzilla crushing New York. See what I did there? I used a Geezism.

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