I’m Baaaack

So my blog went dark for a couple weeks and I am very sorry for that because I am sure you were all on pins and needles wondering what happened???

My laptop very nearly went to the Big Pile Of Dead Computers In The Sky (aka Brandon’s spare room).  It just stopped working so I couldn’t get on here and write.  EGADS!!!!   But, as you can see, he was eventually able to resuscitate my laptop and we are GO once more.  Thank you Brandon M. Fenner my favorite Techie.  (standing ovation)

And during this time I was on vacation.  Yes– the LeAnn Fenner vacation curse has been lifted.  I actually got to GO!  The last two times I tried to go on vacation something happened that made me cancel at the last minute!  This was my first vacation (ie: more than 3 day weekend) in 8 years!

And I am going to tell you EVERYTHING that happened.  I may have to kick it up a notch because a lot of our time involved getting lost and standing on a street corner in the rain trying to figure out where we were.   But first I have to organize my tablet and my pictures so I am going to get right on that.

Meanwhile, here is a very cute picture of my daughter and grandson as they leave to go to a 4th of July Party for no particular reason but I just think it is cute.  Lauren had me braid ribbons into her hair and Parker wanted ribbons too so he got some tied to his wrists!


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