Hear Ye Hear Ye!!

Today my little baby sister hits the Big 5-0!!

It is hard to believe that completely rotten tag-a-long is ready for the senior discount.

I feel sorry for all of you reading this blog post today because you were not as lucky and blessed as I am to have such an awesome sister.  (and I am seriously not just saying that because my birthday is coming up soon too)  We have two birthday cards that go back and forth between us.  One of them (Which I can’t seem to find just now) has been going back and forth for about 10 years now.  This one, however is the special ’50th Birthday Card’  and this year I can give it to her for reals!!

She is an amazing nurse and many people have been the recipient of her loving and skilled care as well as her compassion.  She is a good friend to all who know her.  She is a great mom and loves her kids more than anything.    She was a lot of fun to live with except for all those pesky paramedics she kept inviting into the house in the middle of the night– and she deals with her medical problems with a great attitude.  She also is a better house keeper than I and I really miss how she would clean when she was nervous.  Sometimes I would purposely make her nervous so she would vacuum the stairs.

I love her more than anything.  She and I have been a strong team together in the face of all of our problems.  She is my best friend and travel companion, even though she breathed on me the whole air plane trip.    She always has my back and I always have hers.

It isn’t easy being my sister— luckily she is okay with me blogging on a lot of our lives.  I know she is probably going to kill me for posting all these pictures so be sure to leave her a Happy Birthday Comment!!

Happy Birthday Monica!  Tonight I am going to get you drunk and have Domingo sing the special Birthday Song to you!  (stay tuned for follow up pictures)

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2 Comments on “Hear Ye Hear Ye!!

  1. Happy Birthday to zjoo…(Domingo style) hope you’ve had a great day!!!

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    Services of VA.

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