First Post On The New Site!!

Hey everyone!

I am so excited to be creating my first post on my new blog!!

“Why a new blog?” you might ask.  Well, thanks for asking!!  The biggest reason I decided to create a new blog is that my previous blogging platform was difficult to use.  Also it was, dare I say this, less professional than WordPress.  (coughpretentiouscough).

Unfortunately for all of us…. there is going to be a bit of a learning curve on this new blog.  I have been working on it for two weeks and I have just now gotten to a point where I feel as if I can post something.  There is a lot to all of this blogging stuff ya know?  There are still some buttons on my page that don’t go anywhere and I am having trouble figuring out how to fix that.  So please bear with me— this is a work in progress!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch….. there has been a LOT going on!!

Here are some hints:  Moving again!  New house!  Puppy!  Settling A Trust– or NOT settling a trust and why I hate Chase Bank!  Vacation!!  Potting Training!  And Much Much More!

So stay tuned!!!

And please check out my New Twitter @GeeezLoueezBlog and my new Facebook page which you can reach by clicking the icon on this blog.   The best thing about the facebook page is that now there is an easy way for you to communicate with me and with each other– which I know was a big issue with my previous blog!

Loves to all!


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