Even More ‘Befores’

Update Update Update!!!

The house renovation is motoring along.  And continuing with the metaphor…. sometimes it is a smooth, carefree drive and sometimes it is a bumpy bumpy road, ya’ll

Lets get the bad news out of the way.  My flooring was supposed to go in on Wednesday and the carpet went in fine.  But my vinyl, which was going in the kitchen and the bathrooms, came in damaged so I had to make a decision to either wait a week to have it installed (which was beyone my move in date) or go with something they had in stock.  I found some that was okay so it got installed Thursday.  I went over on my lunch break from work and it was fine.  Three hours later I got a call from my painter to tell me that a water pipe had opened up under the sink and the kitchen and living room was flooded.  I am very blessed that he caught it before it had run longer.  As it is the plumber was able to fix it right away and only some of the brand new living room laminate wood is ruined.






So on to the good news.  Things are really coming along.   The carpet is laid— so the blue and yellow carpet squares are covered up…. the are still there though…. lurking just below the surface…..



The flooring is actually all finished except for the repairs that will need to be done once the water has a chance to dry out and extend the damage as far as it is going to go.  And I didn’t realize the carpet wouldn’t be laid up over this little concrete ledge in this room so I have to figure that out too.

The painting should be done this weekend.

IMG_20150428_184341684 (1)

Parker’s mural is mostly done.  I have a few finishing touches yet to do!    I will show you that process in another post.




The bathroom should be done this weekend.  My poor contractor has had a rough time with the fixtures I picked out and the bathroom turned out to be a bigger project than expected.

IMG_20150430_120341418 But he has been great.  If you need some work done I can highly recomend Travis Andrus Construction and would be happy to give you his contact information.  A good contractor is hard to find and he has held my hand through this whole process like a trooper.  Once I am on to the next phase I hope to have him do some build ins in my living room on either side of the fireplace!


Move in is this coming Wednesday the 6th so I am busy packing and labeling.  It is hard to believe I am going through another move so soon but I am very very excited!!!


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  1. And then Callie comes home and puddles all over everything! Did they tell you that Aussies are piddlers? Yeah, me neither. Think they grow out of it? I will let you know if it happens.

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