Do Not Touch The Elf!!

Wednesday December 9, 2015

An interview conducted with eyewitnesses to the event that transpired earlier in the morning.  No one is sure when.  Or how.  We only know one thing for sure…


This Elf is not the sweet thing she once was……

and life will never be the same



The witness contends that the Elf was in her place in the morning when he got up and that sometime between 8:24 am and 10:37 am the elf was not where she had been…


Figs & Thor client

The Cat immediately sought legal counsel.    The witness continued to blab and try to blame his fuzzy memory on a party he had attended the night before.


Thor pixelated speech

The Cat, fed up with always being blamed for everything, took the witness stand in his own defense contending that he had nothing to do with it.   The other witness became too horrified to continue to testify.



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