Crazy Cat Lady Flies Her Freak Flag Once Again!!!

Stop if you have heard this one before: A Crazy Middle Aged Cat Lady Walks Into Petsmart……………

I haven’t had a chance to introduce you to the newest member of the Furgang: Meet Josie (insert “Josie & The Pussycats” theme song here #earworm)



Josie was trapped in a little tiny parakeet sized box in Petsmart. She was stuck in behind the clearance gerbil toys and she hadn’t eaten in 16 months. She was flea bitten and had mange. She had lost the ability to speak english and all she could say was “Tay In Da Wind….”   Okay that isn’t true. She was in a cage at Petsmart but it was a big cage and I found out that she belonged to a childhood friend who was very sad that she had to find a new home for her. So……. TAH DAH!

The thing that really sold me on this little sweetie besides being beautiful and cuddly is that she is Polydactyl


No, not Pterydactal


Or PolyFractual


Or even PolyQuackal  

She is Poly Dactyl which means she has more than 4 toes on her paws.  She has at least 5 on each foot!  


This is awesome because she is able to do all kinds of things that cats without opposable thumbs cannot do.  

She can fold laundry



She can open jars of peanut butter


She can clean out her own cat box


Best of all she can give 20% better cat massages than other cats because she has 20% more toes!! 






Dear Petsmart:   Please ban me from your store. I can get animal food online. I can’t be trusted. 

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One Comment on “Crazy Cat Lady Flies Her Freak Flag Once Again!!!

  1. Oh my goodness. Lucky Josie. She’s beautiful. I am not allowed in petsmart unsupervised. Not since I went for cat food and came home with a Great Dane.

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