Chapter 2: The Rise Of Gullinkambi

Chapter 2:   The Rise Of Gullikambi

It wasn’t long before the Great and Horrible Gullikambi discovered that Odin’s sons had been sent away leaving Vahalla weakened without two of their Heros.  He decided to first go do battle with them on Earth before returning to Vahalla where he would finally declare the Battle of Ragnarok to begin with his Mighty Crow.  Ragnarok– the Battle where all the gods would see defeat.

Gullinkambi found his foes and set to battle…

In what could only be seen as a mysterious twist of fate, the Prince Parkoor was also in residence.  Loki and Thor were wary of Parkoor who was often loud and overbearing and would occasionally step on tail or ruffle furs without regard for their own high status.  But as it is said “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”  our heros knew that they needed to protect Parkoor from Gullinkambi.

Gullinkambi had sorely underestimated the power that Loki and Thor possessed and the determination that burned in their eyes to protect the (somewhat) innocent Prince Parkoor and soon he found himself defeated…..




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