Celebrating Unemployment Trip

When we last left our intrepid “Set Free” hero she was about to embark on a spontaneous adventure the likes of which she had never experienced.  

Early Saturday morning I was picked up by my driver (aka my Daughter In Law) and whisked away to Las Vegas.  Accompaning us were my son and sister. Along the way we listened to a mix tape they had put together that started out with “Take This Job And Shove It” and went downhill from there. It was loads of fun to sing along. We all had a lot of steam to let off: My daughter in law is also unemployed and there is a lot of stress to both my son and sisters jobs. We were all ready to be bawdy and silly and goof off. Which is exactly what we did.

In addition to the mix tape Jericho had also bought bright feather boas (which shed feathers all over the place), minion eyeglasses for herself and for me a button that said “Happy $&*%^ It Weekend” and a Grumpy Cat Hat. By coincidence I had worn a shirt they had gotten me for mothers day that featured a cat calling down lighting from the skies. So I looked a tad bit odd.

Here is proof:


(I am not angry, selfies take alot of concetration)  There may have been an excessive amount of alcohol consumption that night. I am not a drinker so for me this meant a sum total of two drinks: A champagne cocktail and some sort of rum drink with pineapple in it. We toasted our various current and former employers ala the song “I Pray For You” (CLICK HERE FOR LYRICS)

Saturday morning we got off to a great start when I put $5.00 in a nickel slot machine and hit a $817.50 jackpot. I didn’t even realize how much it was until Brandon came over and wondered why I wasn’t more excited. It was a Wheel of Fortune type and from the angle I was looking at it I thought it was 150 coins when it was actually 15,000 coins. That was really awesome and I came home with most of it less one celebratory dinner and a pair of good walking shoes.

Here is proof

In all the excitement I had almost forgotten that I had to submit a story I had written to an online Writer Competition.  I have never done that before.  It involved letting a bunch of anonymous people critize your work and make suggestions.  It was a really cool experience. It was good to see what other people ‘got’ from what I had written.  I don’t figure on winning and that is perfectly fine.  It is a learning experience for me.  I will let you know how that ends up.  The judges critique and all the stories are published online.  Anyhow I remembered at the last minute but luckily my favorite IT Yoda Master was with me and he helped me get it from my phone to my tablet. I am a bit of a techno geek having a desktop, 2 laptops, a tablet and a kindle fire. And I am just learning how to use Drive and Evernote so I can access everything from anywhere. Anyhow…..


After walking several hundred miles up and down The Strip in 10000 degree heat I realized that I am horribly out of shape. I pretty much knew that but after wandering around the M & M Store and hunching down on a display so I wouldn’t pass out I was positive that now that I have some “Set Free” time it is a good time to get some exercise in. So I made sure we stopped at the outlet mall outside of Vegas and got some good shoes. My dog is thrilled!

It took 6 solid hours of drive time to get home because there were a lot of people who, apparently, didn’t realize we didn’t want to spend the day in bumper to bumper traffic but we had our mix tape and lots of snacks and Brandon’s Pandora (lots of Redneck humor) we survived. 

I feel really so very grateful for my wonderful family and all the support I have gotten over this past week.


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