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Being Let Go

 So, Constant Readers Whomever You Are…. I have been “Let Go”    What a marvelous euphemism for being fired or sacked or relieved of your professional position etc… After 19 years in the same company, my services are… Read More

My Breakfast With Ray Charles

I know, I know…. I write a post about not posting and then there are posts two days in a row but I gotta tell you guys about this. This weekend I went away overnight to spend some… Read More

Some Whine (Not Wine Dammit)

Gotta share what is on my mind tonight.    I have been going through some stuff.  You know what I mean… that crappy life stuff that just drags you down.  Nothing feels like what you want it to.  Work… Read More

Crazy Cat Lady Flies Her Freak Flag Once Again!!!

Stop if you have heard this one before: A Crazy Middle Aged Cat Lady Walks Into Petsmart…………… I haven’t had a chance to introduce you to the newest member of the Furgang: Meet Josie (insert “Josie & The… Read More


I finished another phase of my house renovations!  YAY!  For those of you who are newer to my blog, please feel free to check out prior posts  but in a nutshell here is the story.  Both my parents… Read More

The New Geeez

Hello and welcome  to my blog re-boot!  I realized that I had lost focus and I didn’t feel like my site reflected who I am and so now I have a new format and my content is going… Read More

2015 Resolution Wrap Up

Now that 2015 is just a memory, it is the time for all good men and women to review their resolutions and goals made at the dawn of 2015 and see how we did.  Make my new apartment… Read More

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