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St Patrick’s Day Horror

Yesterday was St Patrick’s Day!     WOO HOO!! In honor of the day, Lauren & I cooked a mostly traditional Irish meal of Corned Beef and cabbage.  Kinda.  The recipe called for a can of Guinness.  Now, neither of… Read More

I’mmmm Baaaaack

Hello Peoples! I know it has been a very long time since my last post and I will certainly bring you all up to date on everything that has been going on in my life. But first I… Read More

5 Things I Love About Being Unemployed

I was going to write a post about how I am doing with my job search but I depressed myself.  So, instead, here is my list of 5 Things I Love About Being Unemployed: #5       Gotten all those… Read More

Having Skin In The Game

“Skin In The Game” is a term coined by investor Warren Buffet referring to a situation in which high-ranking investors use their own money to buy stock in the company they are running (Investopia) Today this idiom also… Read More

Cocoa Puff Musings….

Being fired “Let Go” feels a lot like being dumped by your spouse. It does for me anyhow. It starts out with a man looking at you and explaining that while there isn’t anything really WRONG with you, there… Read More

Utah Haiku

 Hello Friends: Here is a quick update on my life:  Still unemployed.  Blah  Let’s talk about that later. Meanwhile, it IS Tuesday which means a Haiku is in order.   Yesterday I returned from Utah.  Hence my topic…. Read More

Celebrating Unemployment Trip

When we last left our intrepid “Set Free” hero she was about to embark on a spontaneous adventure the likes of which she had never experienced.   Early Saturday morning I was picked up by my driver (aka… Read More

Being Let Go

 So, Constant Readers Whomever You Are…. I have been “Let Go”    What a marvelous euphemism for being fired or sacked or relieved of your professional position etc… After 19 years in the same company, my services are… Read More

My Breakfast With Ray Charles

I know, I know…. I write a post about not posting and then there are posts two days in a row but I gotta tell you guys about this. This weekend I went away overnight to spend some… Read More

Some Whine (Not Wine Dammit)

Gotta share what is on my mind tonight.    I have been going through some stuff.  You know what I mean… that crappy life stuff that just drags you down.  Nothing feels like what you want it to.  Work… Read More