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Ode to Trader Joes: Haiku Tuesday

        I love Trader Joes It is SO Entertaining The food is SO weird


Magpie Tales hosts a writing creativity page every week to encourage writers to hone their craft.  Head on over to  Magpie Tales to see what everyone else wrote about using this picture as muse.   You think you see… Read More

Tuesday Haiku: Roadkill

Squirrel Knevel! Do not run across the road In front of my car!!   Caw!! Says the Raven Do not discourage Squirrel Tasty treat for me!   (Thank you!!)

I AM A Writer!!!

Why blog?  I mean, seriously, why even do this?  What is it about what I have bouncing around in my brain that compels me to blurt it out to the universe?  What makes me think anyone cares or… Read More