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Haiku Tuesday: True Confessions

And now I present today’s Haiku……… Tuesday, March 14th It is “True Confessions Day” What shall I confess? I confess that I Have a crush on Starbucks kid Who flirts with coffee I confess that I Look forward… Read More

Surely Not Love

“You are still in love with him……” Like a lit match thrown carelessly into kindling, someone tosses this little tidbit into the discussion.   Interesting thought.  Does it look that way to you?  Does it feel that way to… Read More

Haiku Tuesday: Scanner Ninja

I look down the aisle Gauging all of the options My eyes fall on it   “Pick me” it cries out “I will be fast and so fun“ Self service check out   I scan all my stuff… Read More

Tuesday Haiku: Ode To My Christmas Tree 2015

You gave it your all Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree And now you are dead Technically I know You died when they cut you down And then Pine Zombie You brightened my home A jungle gym for my… Read More


Sometimes, if I turn very quickly and peek out of the corner of my eye: I catch a glimpse.  Not a clear look.  Right behind me.  But always there. I am always aware of It.  Sometimes It seems… Read More

Haiku Tuesday: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving this week I am thankful for all my Friends & family   We have been shopping I hope we have enough food Only got 3 carts Family Custom Dictates enough to feed horde Leftovers abound   Hope… Read More

Tuesday Haiku: Landscaping

The Front Of My House Is Far Too Plain:  I NEED HELP!! What Do You Guys Think??   Artist’s Rendition With Some Help From PicMonkey And Grandson Parker   Parker Helped A Lot But He Was Not Satisfied With… Read More

Haiku Tuesday: Act Now While You Still Have Time!

It’s that time of year For Ubiquitous candy Showing up in bowls   First we have this kind Candy corn in many forms Even M & Ms!!   There are Tootsie rolls Black & Orange taffy balls Smarties… Read More

Haiku Tuesday: Coffee Creamer

I must have coffee But I cannot drink it black So I need creamer   This is what I have Not sure what it really is Not really creamer No sugar, no fat Maybe it is really just… Read More

Haiku Tuesday: The Mens Love Me

  Men love my haiku Who knew it was so sexy? You know who you are…. Boys! Boys! You must stop! There’s plenty to go around. Just take a number!