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5 Things I Want To Say About Being Agnostic: By Guest Blogger Kimberly

  Meet Kimberly!   She is from Mineapolis but she hates the cold!  She is 46 years old and married 20 years with a 17 year old son  By day she works as an executive assistant and as a… Read More

5 Things I Want To Say About: Being An Affirming Christian Parent Of A Gay Child With Guest Blogger Sandy Van Dyne

Hi.  My name is Sandy and I am a straight ally of the LGBT [Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender] community.  I’m also a believer [Christian] .  Honestly, for many years I didn’t think those two things could go together. … Read More

5 Things I Want People To Know About…. Pitbulls Guest Blogger: Stacy Rittel

Meet Stacy & Her Best Buddy, Gypsum It was October 8, 2010 and I had been in my house for a few months.  I knew I wanted a dog.  I visited the local Humane Society and had a… Read More

5 Things I Want People To Know About……… Deaf Culture Guest Blogger: Kathy Schroeder

Meet Kathy: I was the little girl out in public embarrassing my parents by staring at people using sign language.  I have been fascinated with the beauty of the language for as long as I can remember. Over… Read More

“5 Things I Want To Say About….. Foster Kids” Guest Blogger Cassaundra Magnusson

Guest Blogger:  Cassaundra Magnusson My name is Cassandra Magnusson, I am 31 and I have been a foster parent for 10 years. I have had 75 kids come and go from my home and right now I am… Read More

5 Things To Do On A StayCation Weekend

I love me some alone time.  Some blogging time.  Some quiet time.  Some TV watching time.   Naps, naps and more naps. I learned to enjoy my company by necessity when I became a single mom who’s kids had… Read More

5 Things I Learned About Living From My Parents’ Dying

In June of 2014 my mother passed away.  Just a few days short of 6 months later, my father followed her.  The year before that, my grandmother passed.  As the newly crowned Queen of The Universe Matriarch of… Read More

5+ Things That Suck About Living With Your Grandchild!

So you know that my daughter and grandson live with me.   And, for the most part, this is wonderful.  Sometimes it isn’t.  For the sake of Brevity***  here are Five things that Suck about Being A Live… Read More