CALLIE The Wonder Pup!!

Here She Is!!!!  

LeAnn and Callie 5-9-15Because there wasn’t quite enough going on in my life, Saturday my sister and I headed on down to Escondido to pick up Callie!  She was waiting for us down in Escondido which is about 150 miles south of where we live.  The trip down was easy enough;  for us anyhow.  It started out with me spilling coffee on myself (shocker) and then getting smacked in the face by a UFO off my dashboard (aka  Starbucks Bacon & Gouda breakfast sandwich) Three hours of chit chat and catching up.  Now that we do not live together we don’t spend as much time together (booo) and we have our upcoming trip to plan!!

We got to Heavenly Mini Aussie Ranch and there she was:  The cutest puppy I have ever seen.  Seriously.  She really is.  I am not just saying that.  After a few minutes of instruction about vitamins etc we got back in the car for the trip home.  

Monica & Callie 5-9-15About 10 minutes into the trip Callie (who was traveling on Monica’s lap even though I brought a kennel) started yawning and throwing up.  On my sister.  Monica believes she was simply ‘marking her territory’.   After the second time we decided to stop and shop at Petco and see if there was anything we had missed getting for the Little Princess.  We discovered that her collar was too big, so we got her a harness.  Then we popped over to Panera for lunch.

The harness  also turned out to be too big. So I left my sister there with Callie and our lunch to head back across the parking lot to Petco for a smaller collar.  And some more toys.  Possibly a chewy bone thing too.  And some cat litter.

The whole trip home took 6 hours.  But that counted lunch.  Three trips to Petco.  Starbucks again and a nap in Littlerock because I was getting too sleepy and my sister can’t drive my car #manualtransmission

Anyhow… I know you are all dying to see pictures…..  May I formally introduce you to:  HMA California Girl  aka  Callie!!

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