Being Let Go

 So, Constant Readers Whomever You Are….

I have been “Let Go”    What a marvelous euphemism for being fired or sacked or relieved of your professional position etc…

After 19 years in the same company, my services are no longer desired.

He says “We are letting you go because the company is going in a new direction and I do not trust that you will do the things I tell you to do” Which I interpret means “I am putting together a new fresh company and you don’t fit in.  You don’t do all the crazy things I ask of you without questioning me”  Which is true because there is a lot of crazy.  And the stories I could tell if I wouldn’t get sued somehow…… (but if you want to know I just message me in private

19 years.  I was 34 years old and married in 1997 when I started working there.  I was with that company longer than my marriage lasted. Most of my adult life.   I haven’t been on a job interview since 1979 because my jobs always came to me via word of mouth.  I have never been laid off, let alone fired. There isn’t even one write up in my personell file.

I am thrust into unknown territory here.   And I am more than a little terrified.

The good news for you guys is now I will have more time to write and a whole new vista of new material.

I wrestled between keeping this my deep dark shameful secret (because it really feels like that) and just “Coming Out” so.….

Here it is.  My blue bird has been set free.  She has been let go to find a better place.  

My wonderful family is taking me away to celebrate this new phase in my life because they totally rock and I am going to try to have a good time and start the job hunt in a few days.

Thoughts, prayers, good chi and flying fruits and vegetables all accepted gratefully.

Loves to you all! 

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5 Comments on “Being Let Go

  1. Congratulations! I know you were not happy there.

    I have to tell you my story.

    After my DH and I bought our very first house, and I mean we closed escrow and moved in about 2 weeks prior… I was downsized (a.k.a. ‘let go”) from a job I hated but, hey, it paid the bills, mostly…

    I called DH hysterical, crying and he said “YAY! CONGRATULATIONS!”


    So, I busted my hump looking for a new job, they’d given me 8 weeks severance, but I was terrified. 2 weeks in to being unemployed, I had a job that paid me TWICE what I was getting and it was a job I loved.

    So, the whole door – window thing… may be true.

    Here’s to you finding your window and joy going through it!


  2. I was with the same company for 15+ years until they went out of business. A connection got me in the door of a new job. It’s ok, it’s money in the bank but it doesn’t feel like home. Even when you start with a new company you can still feel kinda out of sorts

    • I hear you— it is hard to imagine a new place feeling like “home” but hopefully we will get there someday!!

  3. So sorry to hear about your ‘being let go’……Hope you find another job soon. Until then, enjoy more Grandma time…..writing time……Love and hugs, Carol

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