Agents Of M.E.O.W.~~ How It All Began

Many times and times and times again- before much of anything was anything and before clocks invented time- there was the First Feline.

The First could do many things, be many things and have great Power and Prestige but choose to live a stealthy existence in the shadows: but with a watchful eye.   This WerCat could take on many forms– anything with a soul– but shied away from Hoomans because their souls were weak and strange and left such an odd taste in the mouth.  No one is sure where the First Feline is now; be it this time or past or further on.  There are many, however, that keep the traditions alive to this very day.

Oddly, it came to pass that the WerCats developed a fondness for the Hoomans and so they turned watchful eyes upon them as years and years and days and times passed by.

One of these is the House of M.E.O.W. and it’s inhabitants; agents sworn to the protection of Kit & Kin and Hooman alike.  Though once there were many of their kind, the vagrancy of 21st Century Hoomanity have caused their numbers to dwindle and the traditions more rarely kept.  Now it falls upon the Agents to seek out their kind, especially as young ones, to bring them into the fold and teach them their ancient ways.

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This particular House Of M.E.O.W. is committed to furthering their family and have taken to frequent trips to The Cattery of Doom to seek out recruits.  The Director, Ms. Naynos, has taught a few particularly insightful Hoomans to recognize the signs of WerCats from mere felines and sent them out some months ago to look for young ones who were unaware of their Gifting.  Young ones whose parents had not the wherewithal or the time to teach them themselves before they were separated.   

This is their Story.

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